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We are an Indian Wedding Photography Studio based in Delhi

Whether it's steeped in tradition or breaking them with modern influences, an Indian Wedding is truly an experience, a complex story of love, family, culture, and entertainment.


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Behind The Lens

A willing & eager pupil, despite nearly a decade in the business, I make it a point to listen, interact, and learn at every wedding I shoot. This wisdom, accumulated and curated over time, has helped me develop truly long-lasting relationships with my clients since they see me as more than just a photographer. 

Given that I have to be present yet unobtrusive in the most intimate of settings, a father giving away his daughter, a bride realizing she's leaving her family for a new one, a large part of what I do is part counselor, part confidant, and of course, part photographer. 

My interest in candid photography goes as far back as I can even remember and was a way for me to capture those precious, intimate moments that usually go unseen. In the eight years that I've been a wedding photographer in Delhi, I've been fortunate enough to work on some genuinely spectacular destination weddings and some equally beautiful intimate ones with just close friends & family in attendance. 

To me, capturing the love & raw emotions that make a wedding is as important as shooting the grandeur and festivities. This duality of purpose is something you will see throughout my portfolio - quiet and intimate photos that capture the coming together of two people in love juxtaposed with the families' unbridled happiness that support them. 

My team and I are storytellers, the images and videos we capture weaving a complex tale of happiness, love, and sadness into a beautiful memory that lasts a lifetime. 

“Only Photograph What You Love.”