* What is your style of shooting?

I shoot the entire wedding in a non-intrusive style. Clients refer to this as ‘Candid’ for the want of a better word. I try to capture all the emotions that revolve around the various parts/ceremonies of the wedding day. While there are several photographers shooting weddings, the endeavor is to create the best set of images; with a story and technical vibrance.

* Should I hire a team of photographers from each side; boy’s side and girl’s side?

I have often ended up at weddings where I see the various teams of photographers elbowing each other and fighting amongst each other when the ceremonies are on! So what a client basically does it, gets a great “deal” from some studio guys and we end up with 10-12 people clicking the same things and the same faces. Which is a waste of money and nobody gets to focus on their work.

* Do you also deliver wedding videos?

Yes, I do that. Depends on your budget and what kind of videography you would like.

* Can you design coffee-table books?

Yes, I work with some specialized printers to deliver high-end photo-books basis a client’s requirement

* How long will you take to deliver the images?

I share approx 40 images within 3 weeks of the wedding and the remaining come within 60 days of the last date of the wedding (JPEGs).

* Can you share details of make-up artists?

Yes, I do have some good contacts of various vendors with whom I can connect you as we go forward.

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