Anisha & Nitin, Goa

What happens when a fun, Tamil speaking Punjabi boy decides to marry a beautiful Tam-Brahm girl? Well, for me the outcome was a fun destination wedding & that too in Goa! The wedding was towards the end of May; which mean Goa really gets hot & humid. But the weather Gods were kind & it all worked out well.

The wedding was decorated by Tranquiilworld. The architecture of Alila Diva was beautiful! I loved the long corridors which had brick pillars & tress all around. The decor was subtle & pretty with Marigold flower & subtle music filling the Goan air.

Anisha & Nitin turned out to be  a super-fun couple & it shows in their pictures! I loved the way the Tamil customs blended with the Punjabi rituals seamlessly.

The ‘Sangeet’ theme was ‘Kollywood meets Bollywood’! There were so many good-looking people under one roof & thankfully, I was the only photographer. I had no worries about hiding photographers from being in my frame or negotiating places to get the angles I wanted. DJ Sasha from Bangalore dished out some great tracks & got the party party started.

The feel of a small & sweet wedding is different! It’s not a giant production with people running all around to control. The day after the wedding, I was sipping beer on the beach…reliving the memories of the two-day long wedding. And just then, it began to pour! And I looked up & thanked the rain Gods for the perfect timing.

Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-1Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-27Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-26Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-3Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-4Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-6Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-7Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-8Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-9Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-10Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-2Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-11Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-12Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-13Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-14Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-15Wedding-photography-Goa-1Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-16Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-17Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-18Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-19Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-20Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-22Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-17-2Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-18-2Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-23Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-24Punjabi-Tamil-Wedding-Photography-Alila Diva-Goa-25

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